Lee, Dong Geun 사진
Lee, Dong Geun
Associate Professor
Energy Systems Major


Micro/Nano Thermal/Energy System & Nanoscale Heat/Mass Transfer
 Research Interests

1. Nano-Scale Control of Nanoparticle Characteristics & Manufacture
2. Nano-Scale Phenomena: Physics, Chemistry & Energy
3. Various Methods of NanoParticle Generation
4. Environment: Reduction in Diesel Particulate Matter Emission

Ph.D., Seoul national Unversity, Korea, 2000
 Selected Publications 
  1. Ashish Rai, Donggeun Lee, Kihong Park, Machael R. Zachariah, 2004, Sep. 1, “Importance of Phase Change on the Oxidation of Aluminum Nanoparticles”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B. vol. 108, issue 39, pp. 14793-14795.

2. R. Mahadevan, D. Lee, H. Sakurai, and M. R. Zachariah, 2002, Oct., “Measurement of Condensed-Phase Reaction Kinetics in the Aerosol Phase Using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol. 106, pp. 11083-11092.

3. Donggeun Lee, Sangsun Yang, and Mansoo Choi, 2001, Oct., "Controlled formation of nanoparticles utilizing laser irradiation in a flame and their characteristics", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 79, issue 15, pp. 2459-2461.

4. I.S. Altman, D. Lee, J. Song, and M. Choi, 2001, Nov., Experimental estimate of energy accommodation coefficient at high temperatures, Physical Review E, vol. 64, 052202.

5. Donggeun Lee and Mansoo Choi, 2002, Jan., "Coalescence enhanced synthesis for nanoparticles to control size, morphology and crystalline phase at high concentrations", Journal of Aerosol Science, vol. 33, no 1, pp. 1-16.

6. I.S. Altman, D. Lee, J.D. Chung, J. Song, M. Choi, 2001, Apr., "Light absorption of silica nanoparticles", Physical Review B, vol. 63, 161402(R).

7. D. Lee and M. Choi, 2000, Oct., "Control of size and morphology of nano particles using CO2 laser during flame synthesis", Journal of Aerosol Science, vol. 31, no. 10, pp. 1145-1163.
 Professional Experiences 

Assistant Professor at School of ME, Pusan National Univ.(2003.3-)

Research Associate at Center for NanoEnergetic Research, ME, U of Minnesota
(2001.07 - 2003.02)
Research Fellow at National CRI Center for Nano Particle Control,
Seoul National University
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member of Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers(2003)

Member of American Association for Aerosol Research(2003)

Program committee member of 4th and 5th Korean Conferences on Aerosol and Particle Research (2003)

Administration Department Chair at METRIC (2003-)

Committee member for terminology compilation at KACRA (2003- )
 Honors and Awards 

The Sheldon K. Friedlander Award, The American Association for Aerosol Research (2003.10.)
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Collaboration with Prof. Michael R. Zachariah, Mechanical Eng., University of Maryland. (2003 - Present)