Choi, Gyung-Min 사진
Choi, Gyung-Min
Assistant Professor
Energy Systems Major


Engine Combustion
 Research Interests

Active Control of Internal Engine and Gas Turbine
Heat Recirculation for Energy Saving and Low Nitric Oxide
Biomass Utilization Technology
Combustion Measurements

Ph. D., Pusan National University, 1997
Dr. Eng. Osaka University, JAPAN, 2002
 Selected Publications 
  1. Choi, G-M., Tanahashi, M., Miyauchi, T., "Control of Oscillating Combustion and Noise Based on Local Flame Structure", Proc. Combustion Institute, Vol. 30, (in press), 2004
2. Tanahashi, M., Murakami, S., Choi, G-M., Hukuchi, Y., Miyauchi, T., "Simultaneous CH-OH PLIF and Stereoscopic PIV measurements of Turbulent Premixed Flames", Proc. Combustion Institute, Vol. 30, (in press), 2004.
3. Choi, G-M., Katsuki, M., "Chemical Kinetic Study on the Reduction of Nitric Oxide in Highly Preheated Air Combustion", Proc. Combustion Institute, Vol. 29, pp. 1165-1171, 2002.
4. Choi, G-M., Katsuki, M., "Advanced Low NOx Combustion using Highly Preheated Air", Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 42, pp. 639-652, 2001.
5. Choi, G-M., Katsuki, M., "New Approach to Low Emission of Nitric Oxides from Furnaces using Highly Preheated Air Combustion", Journal of the Institute of Energy, Vol. 73, pp. 18-24, 2000.
 Professional Experiences 

Researcher, Research Center for New Industrial Furnace of Higher Thermal Efficiency, Japan, (1997.4-1999.3)

Researcher, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan, (1999.4-2001.3)

Researcher, CFD Technology Center, National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan, (2001.4-2003.9)

Senior Researcher, Information Technology Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, (2003.10-2004.2)

Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, (2004.3-Present)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, KSME, JSME, ICLASS of Korea
 Honors and Awards 

Best Presentation Awards, 40th Japan Combustion Symposium, 2003.
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with IT Center of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,(2004.3-Present)

Joint Research with Professor S. Hirai of Tokyo Institute of Technology(2004. 3- Present)