Kim, Han Seong 사진
Kim, Han Seong
Associate Professor
Textile Engineering Major


Nonwoven and Electro Spinning
 Research Interests

Nano Technology (Electro-spinning)
Advanced Nonwoven Technology (Three dimensional nonwoven)


Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 1997
 Selected Publications 
  1. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Amy Minton, Mike Putnam, and Han Seong Kim, "Structure-process-property Relationships in Hydroentangled Nonwovens - Part 1: Preliminary Experimental Observations", Int`l Nonwovens Journal (Accepted)

2. H.S.Kim, "Relationship between Fiber Orientation Distribution Function and Mechanical Anisotropy of Thermally Point-Bonded Nonwovens", Fibers and Polymers, (Accepted)

3. H.S.Kim, "Orthotropic Theory for the Prediction of Mechanical Performance in Thermally Point-Bonded Nonwovens", Fibers and Polymers, 5 (2), 139-144, 2004
4. H. S. Kim and B. Pourdeyhimi, "In-Plane Liquid Distribution of Nonwoven Fabrics: Part 2 - Simulation ", Int`l Nonwovens Journal, 12 (2), 29-33, 2003

5. A. Konopka ,B. Pourdeyhimi and H. S. Kim, "In-Plane Liquid Distribution of Nonwoven Fabrics: Part 1, Experimental Observations", Int`l Nonwovens Journal, 11 (4), 22-27, 2002
 Professional Experiences 

Pusan National University (Korea), Assistant Professor (2002 ~ )
North Carolina State University (USA.), Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center,
Post Doctoral Research Associate (1999 ~ 2002)
Georgia Institute of Technology (USA.), Post Doctoral Research Associate (1998 ~ 1999)
Research Center of Computational Mechanics (Japan), Senior Engineer (1998)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, The Korean Fiber Society
Editorial Advisory Board, Fiber Technology and Industry
 Honors and Awards 

 International Joint Research & Activities