Yoon, Seok Young 사진
Yoon, Seok Young
Associate Professor
School of Materials Science and Engineering


Material Preparation and Characterization
 Research Interests

Functional Materials
Bio Ceramics
Nano Composite Materials

Ph. D., Case Western Reserve University, USA, 1999
 Selected Publications 
  1. Deformation-induce dislocation in 15R-SiC grown by sublimation
M.H.Hong, P.Pirouz, J.Chung, S.Y.Yoon, Philosophical Magazine Letters, Vol. 81 No. 12 823-831, 2001

2. The Influence of Counterface Materials and Humidity on the Tribological Behavior of Arc Ion Plated TiN Films
Seog-Young Yoon, Myung-Chang Kang, Sik Chol Kwon, Kwang Ho Kim, Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol. 157 No. 2-3 144-150, 2002

3. A Comparative Study on Tribological Behavior of TiN and TiAlN Coatings Prepared by Arc Ion Plating Technique
Seog-Young Yoon, Jonk Kuk Kim, Kwang Ho Kim, Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol. 161 237-242, 2002

4. Comparison for Mechanical Properties between TiN and TiAlN Coating Layers by AIP Technique
Seog-Young Yoon, Kwang O Lee, Sung Soo Kang, Kwang Ho Kim, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2002년 Vol. 130 260-265

5. Dispersion and Rheological Properties of Alumina/Zirconia Slurries with Methyl Isobutyl Ketone/Ethanol Solvents
H.C.Park, S.Y.Yoon, Y.B.Lee, B.K.Kim, R.S.tevens, Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, Vol. 10 No. 5 237-244 2002

6. Thermal stability of hydroxyapatite whiskers derived from the hydrolysis of α-TCP
H. C. Park, D. J. Beak, Y. M. Park, S. Y. Yoon, R. Stevens, Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 39 2531-2534, 2004

7. Preparation of Monodispersed and Nano-sized Spherical SiO2 Particles by Emulsion Method
Jong-Hwa Baek, Young-Soo Kang, Seog-Young Yoon, Hong-Chae Park, Materials Science Forum, Vols. 449-452 1161-1164, 2004
 Professional Experiences 

Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (2002-Present)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, The Korean Ceramic Society
Member, Materials Research Society of Korea
 Honors and Awards 

 International Joint Research & Activities