Cho, Young Rae 사진
Cho, Young Rae
Associate Professor
School of Materials Science and Engineering


Electronic materials and surface treatment
 Research Interests

Development of electronic information display (OLED, FED, FPD)
Fabrication process for semiconductor devices
Surface treatment by plasma process

Ph.D., University of Stuttgart, Germany, 1994
 Selected Publications 
  1. D. Mueller, Y.R. Cho and E. Fromm : "Adhesion Strength of Ductile Aluminium and Brittle TiN Coatings on Steel, Aluminium and Copper Measured by Fracture Mechanics Tests", Surf. Coat. Technol., Vol. 75, pp. 849 (1995).

2. Y.R. Cho, J.Y. Oh, H.S. Kim and H.S Jeong : "Micro-Etching Technology of High Aspect Ratio Framework for Electronic Devices", Materials Science & Engineering B, Vol. 64, pp. 79 (1999).

3. Y.R. Cho, J.H. Lee, Y.H. Song, S.Y. Kang, M.Y. Jung, C.S. Hwang, and K.I. Cho: "Patterning Technology of Carbon Nanotubes for Field Emission Displays", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, Vol 19, pp. 1012 (2001).

4. Y.R. Cho, C.S. Hwang, Y.H. Song, S.D. Ahn, C.H. Chung, J.H. Lee, and K.I. Cho: "Low-voltage Operating Triode-type Field Emission Displays Controlled by Amrphous-silicon Thin-film Transistor", Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 41, Part 1, No. 9A. pp. 5745 (2002).

5. C.H. Chung,Y.H. Song, Y.R. Cho, J.H Lee, "Effects of Surface Treatment of Field Emitter Arrays on Electrical Characteristics of Active-Matrix Cathode, Thin Solid Films, Vol. 460, pp. 201 (2004).
 Professional Experiences 

Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (1986-1990)
Researcher, Max-Planck Institute fuer Metalforschung, Stuttgart, Germany (1991-1994)
Senior Engineer, Institute for Advanced Engineering, Korea (1994-1999)
Principal Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea (1999-2002)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Senior Member, The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (1999-present)
Senior Member, The Korean Information Display Society (1999-present)
Senior Menber, Society for Information Displays (2000-present)
Senior Member, The Korean Vacuum Society (1998-present)
 Honors and Awards 

Outstanding Paper Award, 5th Cross Straits Symposium, 2003.
Outstanding Poster Paper Award, materials Research Society of Korea, 2003.
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with Dr. S.Y. Ahn, Navel Research Laboratory, "Development of Field Emitter Arrays for FPDs" (1996-1999).