Kim, Jin Ho 사진
Kim, Jin Ho
Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Engineering


Power system economics
 Research Interests

Optimal operation and planning of power system resources
Game theory applications in electricity markets
Dispersed generation and renewable energy


Ph. D. Seoul National University, Korea, 2001
 Selected Publications 
  Jin-Ho Kim, Jong-Bae Park, Jong-Keun Park, Balho H. Kim, "A new game-theoretic framework for maintenance strategy analysis", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 18, No. 2, May 2003, pp. 698-706

Jin-Ho Kim, Jong-Bae Park, Joong-Rin Shin, Jong-Keun Park, "Game Theory Based Quantity Constraint Analysis in the Uniform Price Auction", 12th Intelligent Systems Application to Power Systems Conference (ISAP 2003), Greece Lemnos, August 31 - September 3, 2003

Jin-Ho Kim, Jong-Bae Park, Jong-Keun Park, Balho H. Kim, "A New Approach to Maintenance Scheduling Problems Based on Dynamic Game Theory, KIEE International Transactions on Power Engineering, Vol. 12A, No. 2, pp. 73-79, June 2002

Jong-Bae Park, Balho H. Kim, Jin-Ho Kim, Man-Ho Jung, Jong-Keun Park, "A Continuous Strategy Game for Power Transactions Analysis in Competitive Electricity Markets", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 16, No. 4, November 2001, pp. 847-855.

J. H. Kim, J. K. Park, B. H. Kim, J. B. Park, D. Hur, "A method of inclusion of security constraints with distributed optimal power flow", International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2001, pp. 189-194

 Professional Experiences 

Senior researcher, Electrical engineering and science research institute, Korea (2001. 9. ?2003. 8.)
Post-Doc, APT Research Center, University of Washington, USA (2003. 9. ?2004. 8.)
Assistant professor, Pusan National University, Korea (2004. 9. ?present)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, KIEE
Member, IEE

 Honors and Awards 

 International Joint Research & Activities 

APT research center, University of Washington
Department of electrical engineering, North Dakota State University