Yoo, Wan Suk 사진
Yoo, Wan Suk
Mechanical Systems Design Major


Multibody Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics
 Research Interests

Flexible Multibody Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Design

Kinematic & Dynamic Simulations of Mechanical Systems


Ph.D., University of Iowa, U.S.A., 1985
 Selected Publications 
  1. Wan S. Yoo, Su-Jin Park, Joon-Yong Park, Jeong-Hyun Sohn

"Physical Experiments and Computer Simulations of a Stepped Cantilever Beam with
a Hybrid Coordinate Formulation",

Mechanics Based Design of Structure and Machines, 32(4), 1-18, 2004

2. J.H.Sohn, K.S.Kim, J.H.Lee, W.S.Yoo

"Regeneration of the road profile to compensate tire nonlinearity for
virtual testing",

International Journal of Vehicle Design, 35(3), 210-223, 2004

3. Su-Jin Park, Wan-Suk Yoo

"Deformation Overlap in the Design of Spur and Helical gear pair"

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 40(11), 1361-1378, 2004

4. W.S.Yoo, J.H.Lee, S.J.Park, J.H.Sohn, Oleg Dmitrochenko, D.Pogorelov

“Large Deflection Analysis of a Thin Plate: Computer simulations and Experiments",

Multibody System Dynamics, Vol 11, 185-208, 2004,

5. W.S.Yoo, J.H.Lee, J.H Sohn, S.J. Park, Oleg Dmitrochenko, D.Pogorelov

"Matching of Experiments and Simulations for Large Deformation Problems"

KSME International Journal, 18(5), 742-752, 2004,

6. Hyun-Chul Sohn, Kyung-Tae Hong, Keum-Shik Hong, Wan-Suk Yoo

"An Adaptive LQG control for semi-active suspension systems",

International Journal of Vehicle Design, 34(4),309-326, 2004,

7. J.R.Cho, H.W.Lee, W.S.Yoo, and J.K.Lee

"Study on Damping Characteristics of Hydropneumatic Suspension Unit of Tracked

KSME International Journal, 18(2), 262-271, 2004

8. Weui-Bong Jeung, Wan-Suk Yoo, Woo-Jin Jung

"Vibration and Noise Control of Structural Systems Using Squeeze
Mode ER Mounts"

KSME International Journal,17(12), 1949-1960, 2003

9. W.S.Yoo, J.H.Lee, S.J.Park, J.H.Sohn, Oleg Dmitrochenko, D.Pogorelov

"Large Oscillations of a Thin Cantilever Beam: Physical Experiments
and Simulation using Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation"

Nonlinear Dynamics Journal, 34, 3-29, 2003

10. M.C.Lee, M.K.Park, W.S.Yoo, K.Son, M.C.Han

"Sliding Model Control of Real-Time PNU Vehicle Driving Simulator and
Its Performance Evaluation"

JSME International Journal,46(2), 557-564, June 2003

11. Wan-Suk Yoo, Sung-Soo Kim, Taewon Park, Dae-Sung Bae, Jin-Hwan Choi,

"Multibody Dynamics Research in Korea"

JSME International Journal, 46(2), 449-458, June 2003

12. Jeong-Hyun Sohn, Wan-Suk Yoo, Keum-Shik Hong, Kwang-Suk Kim,

"Massless Links with External Forces and Bushing Effect for Multibody Dynamic

KSME International Journal, 16(6), 810-818 (2002.6)

13. Ju Yong Choi, Seong Jae Hong, Kyoung Taik Park, Wan-Suk Yoo, Man Hyung Lee,

"Lateral Control of Autonomous Vehicle by Yaw rate Feedback"

KSME International Journal, 16(3), 1207-1216, (2002.3)

14. Kwon Son, Sang-Hwa Goo, Kyung-Hyun Choi, Wan-Suk Yoo, Min-Cheol Lee, Jang-Myung Lee

"A Driving Simulaor of Construction Vehicles",

Int. J. of KSPE, 2(4), 12-22, (2001.11)

15. Jeonghyun Sohn, Kwang-Suk Kim, Wansuk Yoo, Jeong-Nyun Lee

"Force Element Formulation of Bushed Massless Link for Numerical Effieiency",

Mechanics of Structures and Machines, 29(4), 279-299, (2001)

16. W. S. Yoo, S. H. Kim, and O. J. Kim

"A Hybrid Scheme using LU Decomposition and Projection matrix for Dynamic Analysis of Constrained Multibody Systems",

Int. J. Automotive Technology, 2(3), (2001), 117-122

17. Byung Hoon Lee, Shi Bok Lee, Weui Bong Jeong, Wan Suk Yoo, Jin Saeng Yang

"Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems with Closed-Loops"

KSME International Journal, 15(6), 693-698, (2001. 6)

18. Dong Hoon Han, Jeonghyun Sohn, Kwangsuk Kim, Jongnyun Lee, Wansuk Yoo,
Byunghoon Lee, Jaewon Choi,

"Development and Comparative Study on Tire Models in the AutoDyn7 Program",

KSME International Journal, 14(7), 730-736 (2000. 7)

19. Wan S. Yoo, M. K. Kim, J.W. Lee, K. S. Kim, S. Y. Shin

"Estimation of Maximum Damping Force and Bending Stress of Suspension

Components using the AutoDyn7 Program"

KSME Journal, Vol.13, No. 3, 240-245(1999. 3)

20. Wan Suk Yoo, M. K. Kim, K. S. Kim

"Modified Road Profile Generation Using Road Profile Wheel FRF and

Simulation of Dynamic Load Transfer in Vehicle Suspension"

SAE 1999-01-0937, SAE International `99, Detroit, U.S.A.(1999. 3)

21. Yoo, W. S., Kim, M. K., Lee, J. W., Kim, K. S., and Shin, S. Y., "Estimation of Maximum Damping Force and Bending Stress of Suspension Components Using the AutoDyn7 Program," KSME International Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 240-245, 1999.

22. Yoo, W. S., Kim, O. J., Kang, D. K., and Kim, K. S., "Estimation of Maximum Lifting Load Capacities of a Hydraulic Excavator via Multibody Computer Modeling and Simulation," KSME International Journal, Vol. 12, No. 6, pp. 1090-1096, 1998.

23. Lee, B. H., Yoo, W. S., and Kwak, B. M., "A Systematic Formulation for Dynamics of Flexible Multibody Systems Using Velocity Transformation Technique," IMechE, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Vol. 207, No. C4, pp. 231-238, 1993.

24. Shin, S. H., Yoo, W. S., and Tang, J., "Effects of Mode Selection, Scaling, and Orthogonalization on the Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems," Mechanics of Structures and Machines, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 507-527, 1993.

25. Yoo, W. S., and Haug, E. J., "Dynamics of Flexible Mechanical Systems Using Vibration and Static Correction Modes," ASME, Journal of Mechanisms, Transmissions and Automation in Design, Vol. 108, pp. 315-322, 1986

 Professional Experiences 

Director, NRL(National Research Laboratory) of CAE (2002-present)

Director, METRIC(Mechanical Engineering & Technology Research Information Center), Supported by KOSEF, Korea (1997-2003)

Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1994-1996)

Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1994-1996)

Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa, U.S.A. (1991-1992)

Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1979-Present)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, ASME, SAE



 Honors and Awards 

Paper Award, KSME(2003)
Paper Award, KSAE(2002)
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with Professor E. J. Haug of CCAD, University of Iowa, U.S.A.

Research Project in Mode Scaling, Orthogonalization, Supported by CCAD, University of Iowa (1991-1992)