Lee, Shi Bok 사진
Lee, Shi Bok
Mechanical Systems Design Major


Vibration and Motion Control
 Research Interests

Experimental and Numerical Modeling, Analysis and Design of Vibration Systems

Active Vibration and Motion Control

Structural Acoustic Coupling Analysis and Design


Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1992
 Selected Publications 
  Kim, T. J., Lee, S.B. and Park, N. G., "Analysis of Radial Runout for Symmetric and Asymmetric HDD Spindle Motors with Rotor Eccentricity", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Vol.226, pp.1232-1234, 2001

Kim, J. Y., Jeong, W. B., Lee, S. B. and Lee, B. H., "An Experimental Approach for Structural Dynamic Modification of Fixture in Vibration Test Control", JSME International Journal, Series C, Vol.44, Issue.2, pp.334-340, 2001

Lee, B. H., Lee, S. B., Jeong, W. B., Yoo, W. S., and Yang, J. S., "Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems with Closed-Loops", KSME International Journal, Vol.15, Issue.6, pp.693-698, 2001

Ju, H. D. and Lee, S. B., "Multi-Domain Structural-Acoustic Coupling Analysis Using the inite Element and Boundary Element Techniques", KSME International Journal, Vol.15, Issue.5, pp.555-561, 2001

Hwang, S. M., Kim, T. J., Kim, K. T., Park, N .G. and Lee, S. B., "Effects of Rotor Misalignment in Airgap on Dynamic Response of an Eccentric Rotor in BLDC Motor", KSME International Journal, Vol.16, Issue.12, pp.1576-1582, 2002

Ju, H. D., Lee, S B., Jeong, W. B., and Lee, B. H., "Design of an Acoustic Enclosure with Duct Silencers for the Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Generator Set", APPLIED ACOUSTICS, Vol.65, pp.441-455, 2004

Kang, Y. K., Seo, K. M., and Lee, S. B., "Vibration Control of Laminated Composite Plates Using Piezoceramic Sensor/Actuators and Viscoelastic Materials," Proceedings of The 2nd Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials(ACCM-2000), Vol. 2 , pp. 863-868, 2000.

Choi, J. W., Lee, S. B., Lee, D. Y., Park., U. S., and Suh, Y. S., "A Fault Isolation Filter Design Using Eigenstructure Assignment Scheme," KSME International Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6, pp. 583-589, 2000.

Choi, J. W., Park, U. S., and Lee, S. B., "Measures of Modal Controllability and Observability in Balanced Coordinates for Optimal Placement of Sensors/Actuators: A Flexible Structure Application," Proceedings of Smart Structures and Materials 2000(SPIE), pp. 425-436, 2000.

Ju, H. D., Seo, W. J., and Lee, S. B., "Multi-Region Structural Acoustic Coupling Analysis on Noise Reduction of Layered Structures Using Finite Element and Boundary Element Technique," Proceedings of 2000 Spring Conference of Korea Society of Noise and Vibration Engineering, Vol. 1, pp.309-313, 2000.

Han, K. B., and Lee, S. B., "Control System Design for the Focus Servo System of DVD Drive," Proceedings of 1999 Fall Conference of Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. A, pp 807-813, 1999.

 Professional Experiences 

Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1979-Present)
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