Ha, Man Yeong 사진
Ha, Man Yeong
Energy Systems Major


Thermo-Fluid Engineering
 Research Interests

- Micro/Nano/Bio Fluidics
- Next Generation Air-conditioning, Refrigeration
- Next Generation Energy Technology(Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Energy)
- Turbulent Flow Analysis
- Development of CFD Technique(Spectral, FVM, IBM, LBM, MD etc.)
- Analysis of Flow Induced Noise
- Development of Super-Computer based on the PC-Cluster
- Development of Parallel Computing Technology

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, USA, 1990
M.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1983
B.D., Pusan National University, Korea, 1981

 Selected Publications 
  1. H.S. Yoon, H.H. Chun, M.Y. Ha and H.G. Lee, "A Numerical study on the fluid flow and heat transfer around a circular cylinder in an aligned magnetic field," Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.16, No.5, pp4075-4087, May. 2004

2. Jianren Fan, Kun Luo, M.Y. Ha and, Kefa Cen, "Direct Numerical Simulation of a Near Field Particle-Laden Plane Turbulent Jet," Physical Review E, 70, 026303-1~ 14, Aug. 2004

3. M.Y. Ha, I.K. Kim, H.D. Song, S.K. Seong, D.H. Lee, "A numerical study of thermo-fluid phenomena in metal hydride beds in the hydriding process", Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 47, pp. 2901-2912 , 2004

4. M.Y. Ha, J. G. Kim, "Numerical simulation of natural convection in annuli with internal fins", KSME Int. J. Vol. 18, No.4, pp.692-704, 2004

5. D. H. Lee, M. Y. Ha, S. S. Lee, "Numerical Simulation of Flow and heat transfer Past a Cylinder with a periodic array of Fins", Physics of Fluids, Vol.16, No.5, pp.1273-1286, 2004

6. J. R. Lee, M.Y. Ha, S. Balachandar, H. S. Yoon and S. S. Lee, "Natural Convection in a Horizontal Layer of Fluid with a Periodic Array of Square Cylinder in the Interior", Physics of Fluids, Vol.16, No.4, pp.1097-1117, 2004

7. M.Y. Ha, C.H. Jeon. D.S. Choi and H.J. Choi, "A Numerical Study on the Triboelectrostatic Separation of PVC Materials from Mixed Plastics for Waste Plastic Recycling," KSME Int. J. Vol.17, No.10, pp.1485~1495, 2003

8. H.S. Yoon, S. Balachandar, M.Y. Ha and K. Kar,  “Large Eddy Simulation of Flow in a Stirred Tank”, ASME J. of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 125, pp.486-499, May, 2003

9. M.Y. Ha, H.G. Lee and S.H. Seong, "Numerical Simulation of 3-D Flow, Heat Transfer, and Solidification of Steel in Continuous Casting Mold with Electro-Magnetic rake," Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol. 133, pp. 332-349, Feb. 2003
 Professional Experiences 

1. Visiting Professor, Department of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA(1998-1999)
2. Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State Univ., USA(1987-1989)
3. Teaching Assistant, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA(1986-1987)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Editor, KSME
Member, KSME
Member, ASME
Member, KSCFE
Member, KOSCO
 Honors and Awards 

1. Distinguished Award for Academic-Industrial Collaboration Research, Pusan National University, Korea(2001)
 International Joint Research & Activities 

1. Joint Research with Professor S. Balachandar and Professor R. Adrian of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA(Present)
2. Joint Research with Professor Kefa Cen of Zhejiang University, China(Present)
3. Joint Research with Professor Tsuthara M. of Kobe University, Japan(Present)