Lee, Sung Hong 사진
Lee, Sung Hong
Energy Systems Major


Thermal Science, Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer, Liquid-Vapor Two-Phase Flow
 Research Interests

Experimental and Conjugated Heat Transfer

Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphons and Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Application

Refrigeration and Intelligent Air-Conditioning Systems and Optical Measurement Technology


Ph.D., Northwestern University, U.S.A., 1983

 Selected Publications 
  1. Sung Hong Lee, Euk Soo Lee, Wall Heat Conduction and Convective HEAT Transfer around a Circular Tube Normal to the Flow, Proc. of the PNU-ZJU Joint Workshop(2004/5/4)
2. Pil Jong Lee, Hae Won Choi, Sung Hong Lee, The Effect of Ambient Air Condition on Heat Transfer of Hot Steel Plate Cooled by an Impinging Water Jet, KSME International Journal, Vol.17, No.5, pp.740-750(2003/0501)
3. Euk Soo Lee, Sung Hong Lee, Myung Hun Kim, Thermodynamic Analysis of High Pressure Multi-stage Reciprocating Compressors with Inter-coolers, Transactions of KSME, Vol.27, No.9, pp.1238-1247(2003/09/01)
4. J.H. Byeon, S.H. Lee, Effect of Convex Surface Curvature on the Onset of Nucleate Boiling of Subcooled Fluid Flow in Vertical Concentric Annuli, Transactions of KSME, Vol.26, No.11, pp.1513-1520(2002/11/01)
5. Pol-Jong Lee, Hae-Won Choi, Sung-Hong Lee, The Effect of Nozzle Height on Heat Transfer of a Hot Steel Plate Cooled by an Impinging Water Jet, Transactions of KSME, Vol.27, No.5, pp.668-678(2003/05/01)
6. Pil-Jong Lee, Ho Choi, Sung-Hong Lee, Cooling Heat Transfer from a Rotating Roll by Impinging Water Spray Jets, Transactions of KSME, Vol.26, No.6, pp.779-787(2002/06/01)
7. Lee, S. H., and Lee, P. J., "The Effect of Ambient Air Condition on a Hot Steel Plate Cooled by Impinging Water Jet," Transactions of KSME, vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 29-38, 2000.
8. Lee, S. H., and Ko, Y. K., "Manufacturing and Performance Test of a High Temperature Sodium Heat Pipe," Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Heat Transfer, pp. 680-685, Beijing, 2000.
9. Lee, S. H., et al., "Effect of Transverse Convex Curvature on the Onset of Nuclear Boiling in Concentric Annuli: Experiments," Proceedings of the 4th JSME-KSME Thermal Engineering Conference, Vol. 3, pp. 9-14, Japan, 2000.
10. Lee, S. H., and Kim, B. S., "Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Ratio in the Mixed Air Conditioner System," Journal of SAREK, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 542-548, 1999.
11. Lee, S. H., and Lee, E. S., "Effect of Wall Heat Conduction on Convection Heat Transfer from a Circular Tube in Cross Flow," Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation, Vol. 1, pp. 481-487, 1999.

 Professional Experiences 

Visiting Scientist, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, U.S.A. (1998-1998)

Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1976-Present)

Visiting Professor Dept. of Mechanical Engineering University of Otlawa, Canada (1992-1993)

 Professional Societies & Activities 


Local President, SAREK

 Honors and Awards 

 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with Prof. Y. Lee of University of Ottawa, Canada

Research Project in High Temperature Sodium Heat Pipe and Conjugated and Transverse Convex Curvature Effects on Boiling Heat Transfer (1997-Present)