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Yun, Won Young
Industrial Engineering


Reliability Engineering
 Research Interests

Accelerated Life Tests

Warranty and Maintenance Policies



Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1988

 Selected Publications 
  1. Yun W.Y., Kim J.W, "Multi-level redundancy optimization in series systems, COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, Vol.46, Issue.2, pp.337-346,2004

2. Yun W.Y.,Luis Ferreira, "Prediction of the Demand of the Railway Sleepers: A simulation Model for Replacement Strategies, International Journal of Production Economics, Issue.82, pp.589-595, 2003

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4. Yun W.Y, Kim G.R, Yamamoto H., "Economic design of linear connected-(r,s)-out-of-(m,n): F lattic system, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING-THEORY APPLICATIONS AND PRACTICE, Vol.10, Issue.4, pp.591-599,2003

5. Yun W.Y., Lee Y.W.,Luis Ferreira, "Optimal burn-in time under cumulative free replacement warranty, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Vol.78, Issue.2, pp.93-100 2002

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10. Yun, W. Y., "Expected Value and Variance of Warranty Cost of Repairable Product with Two Types of Warranty," International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol. 14, No. 7, pp. 661-668, 1997.

 Professional Experiences 

Visiting Scholar, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (1999-2000)
Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Pusan National University (1987-Present)
Visiting Scholar, University of Birmingham, U.K. (1993-1994)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Director, The Korean Reliability Society (2001-2004)
Director, The Korean Society for Quality Management (2002-2003)
Auditor, Busan Innovation Center for Quality (2001 - 2003)
Editor, IE Interfaces, KIIE (2003- Present)
 Honors and Awards 

Baek-Am Technology Prize, The Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers(1998)
Prize Award, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy(1999)
Mun-Chang paper Prize, Pusan National University, Korea (2001)
 International Joint Research & Activities