Jeong, Haedo 사진
Jeong, Haedo
Precision Manufacturing Systems Major


Chemical Mechanical Polishing, Wafering Process, Rapid Prototyping
 Research Interests

1. Electronic Device Fabrication Technology Multi Layer Printed Circuit Board, Barrier Ribs for Plasma Display Panel, Dynamic Masking for Lithography, Spin Etching, Very Low Temperature PVD, Dry Laser Cleaning
2. Ultra precision Grinding and Polishing(CMP); ELID Grinding, Mirror Surface Grinding using Bonded Nano Silica Abrasives, Ultrasonic Dressing, Dry Eco Grinding, Total solution Technology for CMP
3. MEMS and Micro Machining Polymer Actuator (Micro Pump and Speaker), Electro-Active Polymer, Chemical Mechanical Micro Machining, Laser Assisted Chemical Etching
4. Rapid Prototyping; Micro Functional Prototype Development, Coloring RP, Powder casting, Slurry Casting, Micro Molding and Packaging

Ph.D., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1994
 Selected Publications 
  1. Park, J. M. and Jeong, H., "A Study on the Micro Machining of Si Wafer using Surface Chemical Reaction," Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 257-258, pp.459-464, 2004

2. Choi, J. and Jeong, H., " A Study on the Manufacture of the Next Generation CMP Pad with a Uniform Shape using the Micro-molding Method," Key Engieering Materials, Vol. 257-258, pp.413-416, 2004

3. Kim, H. and Jeong, H., "Effect of Process Conditions on Uniformity of Velocity and Wear Distance of Pad and Wafer during Chemical Mechanical Planarization," Journal of Electronic Materials, Vol.33, No.1, pp.53-60, 2004

4. Chung, S. and Jeong, H., "Microreplication Technique using Softlithography," J. of Microelectronic Engineering, Vol.75, pp.194-200, 2004

5. Kim, H. and Jeong, H., "Self-conditioning Fixed Abrasive Pad in CMP," J. of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.151, 2004

6. Jeong, H. D., "Development of an Abrasive Embedded Pad for Dishing Reduction and Uniformity," Journal of Korean Physical Society, Vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 123-134, 2000.

7. Jeong, H. D., "A Study on the Global Planarization Characteristics in End Point Stage for Device Wafer," Journal of Korean Electronics Society, Vol. 34D, No. 12, pp. 1046-1052, 1997.

8. Jeong, H. D., "Integrated Planarization Technique with Consistency in Abrasive Machining for Advanced Semiconductor Chip Fabrication," CIRP, Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 311-314, 1996.

9. Jeong, H. D., "A Fabrication of Ice Grinding Wheel and Its Mirror Surface Effect," Journal of Grinding Engineers Society, Vol. 40, No. 5, pp. 259-261, 1996.

 Professional Experiences 

Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National Uiversity, Korea(1995-Present)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

 Honors and Awards 

Takaki Prize of JSPE(1999), Backam Award of KSPE(2000), Technical Award of PNU(2001), Mitsutoyo Prize(2003), Busan Science and Technology Prize(2004)
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research MOU with Professor David Dornfeld of UC Berkeley, USA