Oh, Kwang-Joong 사진
Oh, Kwang-Joong
Environmental Engineering Major


Environmental Engineering
 Research Interests

Air pollution treatment
Removal of NOx using SNCR
Control of CO2 using the dry sorbents in fluidized bed
Solid waste treatment
Removal of VOCs Odors in fluidized bed bioreactor

Ph.D., Korea University, Korea, 1996
 Selected Publications 
  1. CO2 Adsorption with Attrition of Dry sorbents in a fluidized bed, American Chemical Society, 49(1), 314-315 (2004/04)
2. Comparative studies on the performance of immobilized quaternary ammonium salt catalysts for the addition of carbon dioxide to glycidyl methacrylate, American Chemical Society, 49(1), 118-119, (2004)
3. Chemical kinetics of the reaction between carbon dioxide and phenyl glycidyl ether using Aliquat 336 as a catalyst, Catalysis Today, 49(1), 493-498, (2004)
4. Reactivity of Bio-sorbent prepared by waste shellfish in acid gas cleaning reaction, Korean Journal chemistry engineering, 22(4), 566-568 (2005/08)
5. Removal of hydrogen sulfide, benzene and tolution by a fluidized bed bioreactor, Korean Journal chemistry engineering , 23(1), 148-152, (2006/01)
6. Transient Analysis and Leakage Detection Algorithm using GA and HS algorithm for a Pipeline System, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 20(3), 426-434, (2006 )
7. Attrition and CO2 adsorption of dry sorbents in fluidized bed, 159 , 549-552, (2006.6)
8. . Sorption of Carbon Dioxide onto Sodium Carbonate, vol 41 pp. 2665~2684, (2006.04)
 Professional Experiences 

Visiting Professor, Queen`s University, Canada (1991-1992)

Professor, Pusan National University, Korea (1986-Present)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

1. Advisory Committee, Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office Waste Management Institution Technique Examination Advisory Organs (2007.03~2009.2.28)
2. Committee, pusan city Construction Technology Committee(2007.3.~2009.2.28)
3. Committee, Pusan Univ. hospital Planning Consultation Committee (2005.04~present)
4. Committee, pusan city subsurface water management Committee(2006.3.22~2008.3.21)
5. Committee, pusan city environment dispute adjustment Committee (2005.09~2007.8.31)
6. Manager, Pusan Environmental Problem Protection Institute.(2004.11~ 2006.10)
7. Committee ,the Ministry of Environment Food Resources (2005.12~present)
8. Consultation Committee, Preservation Environment Institute (2005.03~present)
 Honors and Awards 

1. Award of the chief of Ministry of environment(2003.6.5)
2. Research Award, Korean Society of environmental engineers(2001.5)
3. Research Award, Korean Society of environmental engineers(2001.11)
 International Joint Research & Activities