Kim, Chang-Won 사진
Kim, Chang-Won
Environmental Engineering Major


Biological Wastewater Engineering
 Research Interests

Control and Automation of Biological Wastewater Treatment Process
Advanced Treatment of Piggery and Chemical Wastewater and Leachate
Characterization of Biofilm and Development of BNR Process

Ph.D., University of Florida, U.S.A., 1985
 Selected Publications 
  1. Effects of activated carbon types and service life on removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals: amitrol, nonylphenol, and bisphenol-A, Chemosphere, 58 1535-1545, (2005)
2. Effect of polyphosphate on removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals of nonylphenol and bisphenol-A by activated carbons, Water Qual. Res. J. Canada, 40(4), 484-490, (2005)
3. Control and Nitrogen Load Estimation of Aerobic Stage in Full-scale Sequencing Batch Reactor to Treat Strong Nitrogen Swine Wastewater, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 22(5), 666-670, (2005)
4. Self-generation of Control Rules Using Hierarchical and Nonhierarchical Clustering for Coagulant Control of Water Treatment Plants, Discovery Science, Discovery Science, LNAI 3735, 371-373, (2005)
5.The Feasibility of Using Spent Sulfidic Caustic as Alternative Sulfur and Alkalinity Sources in Autotrophic Denitrification, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 22(6), 910-916, (2005)
6. Practical approach to parameter estimation for ASM3+Bio-P Module applied to five-stage step-feed EBPR process, Wat. Sci. Technol, 53(1), 139-148, (2006)
7. Parameter sensitivity analysis for Activated Sludge Models No. 1 and 3 combined with one-dimensional settling model, Wat. Sci. Technol, 53(1), 129-138, (2006)
8. Rule-based fuzzy inference system for estimating the influent COD/N ratio and ammonia load to a sequencing batch reactor, Wat. Sci. Technol, 53(1), 199-207, (2006)
9. Removal efficiencies of endocrine disrupting chemicals by coagulation.flocculation, ozonation, powdered/granular activated carborn adsorption, and chlorination, J. Chem. Eng., 23(3), 399-408, (2006)
10. ICA and water in Korea - Overview, Wat. Sci. Technol 53(4-5) 17~24 2006
11. Use of Activate Sludge Model No. 3 and Bio-P module for simulating five-stage step-feed enhanced biological phosphorous removal process, J. Chem. Eng., 23(23), 203-208, (2006)
12. Forecasting influent flowrate and composition with occasional data for supervisory management system by time series model, Wat. Sci. Technol., 53(4-5), 185-192, (2006)
13. Full-cyclic control strategy of SBR for nitrogen removal in strong wastewater using common sensors, Wat. Sci. Technol., 53(4-5), 151-160, (2006)
14. Monitoring of pH inhibition on microbial activity in a continuous flow reactor by pseudo toxic concentration (CPT) concept and time delay model, Wat. Sci. Technol,. 53(4-5), 367-373, (2006)
15. Equipment fault diagnosis system of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) using rule-base fuzzy inference and on-line sensing data, Wat. Sci. Technol., 53(4-5), 383-392, (2006)
16. Identification of adverse effect of nitrate on phosphate release rate and improvement of EBPR process model, Wat. Sci. Technol., 53(4-5), 115-123, (2006)
17. Enhancing flexible fiber filter(3FM) performance using in-line coagulation, Wat. Sci. Technol., 53(7) , 59-66, (2006)
18. Soft Sensor Using PNN Model and Rule Base for Wastewater Treatment Plant, LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, 1261-1269,(2006)
19. Better understanding of the filtration characteristics in the Flexible Fiber Filter Module (3FM), Wat. Sci. Technol, 55(1-2), 77~83(2006)
 Professional Experiences 

Member, Central Advisory Board for Ministry of Environment(1999-2001)
Director, IETI(Institute for Environmental Technology and industry), Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology(1997-2002)
Visiting Researcher, Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands(1990-1991)
Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea(1986-Present)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

Vice-President, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers(2000-2002)
ICA Specialist Group Chairman, IWA International Water Association(1997-2005)
Water Science & Technology editor, International Water Association(2005-Present)
 Honors and Awards 

1. Research Award, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers 2005
2. Research Award , EICA 2005
3. Research Award, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers 2006
4. Research Award , Journal of Korean Society on Water Quality 2006
 International Joint Research & Activities 

Use of microfibers for retention of micro and nano particles(France) 2003.7.1 - 2005.6.30