Lee, Seok Hee 사진
Lee, Seok Hee
Control and Automation Systems Major


Manufacturing Systems Engineering
 Research Interests

Manufacturing System & Production Automation

Rapid Prototyping & Tooling

Reverse Engineering

CAD/CAM, Microstereolithography

Ph.D, UMIST, U.K., 1985
 Selected Publications 
  1. A real-time intelligent multiple fault diagnostic system, Int. J. Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 29, No. 7, 2006 (SCIE)
2. Reduction of post-processing for stereolithography systems by fabrication-direction optimization, Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 37, Issue 7, 2005.
3. Determination of Fabrication Direction to Minimize Post-machining in FDM by Prediction of Non-linear Roughness Characteristics, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2005.
4. Behavior modelling and control of computer integrated manufacturing, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Vol. 16, No. 2, 2003.
5. A study on shrinkage compensation of the SLS process by using the Taguchi method, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, Vol. 42, No. 11, 2002.
6. Segmentation of the measured point data in reverse engineering, International journal of Advanced manufacturing Technology, Vol. 20, No. 8, 2002
7. STL file generation from measured point data by segmentation and Delaunay triangulation, Computer-aided design, Vol. 34, Issue 10, 2002
8. STL file generation with data reduction by Delaunay triangulation method in Reverse Engineering, International journal of Advanced manufacturing Technology, Vol. 19, No. 9, 2002.
9. Hybrid Shop Floor Control System for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), KSME International journal, Vol.15, No. 5, 2001.
10. Determination of fabricating orientation and packing in SLS process, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 112, No. 2-3, 2001.

 Professional Experiences 

Director, Automative Parts Technology Support Center, Busan Techno Park (2006.04~Present)

Vice-President, The Faculty Council, Pusan National University (2006.03~Present)

Visiting Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A. (2003)

Director, Pusan Kyungnam Regional Center of Korean Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea (1998-2001)

Associate Director, Pusan Kyungnam Automotive Techno Center, Korea (1996-2005)

Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1995-Present)

Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A. (1994-1995)

 Professional Societies & Activities 


Vice-President, Korean Society of Precision Engineering (2006.01~Present)
Auditor, Korean Society of Precision Engineering (2004-2005)
Technical Director, Korean Society of Precision Engineering (2002-2003)
Associate Editor, Korean Society of Precision Engineering (1994-2001)

 Honors and Awards 

15th Science and Technology Superior Paper Award, KOFST, Korea (2005.05)
 International Joint Research & Activities