Lee, Mun Cheul 사진
Lee, Mun Cheul
Textile Engineering Major


Dyeing Chemistry
 Research Interests

Color Change of Dyed Wool Fabrics Treated with Low Temperature Plasma

Enzymatic Cellulose Treatment of Cellulose Fibers

Increase in Dyeing Properties and Color Fastness of Ultra Microfibers


Ph.D., Pusan National University, 1986
 Selected Publications 
  1. T. Wakida, T. Tokuyama, C. Doi, M. Lee, D. S. Jeong, and S. Ishida, "Mechanical Properties of Polyester/Cotton and Polyester/Rayon Fabrics Treated with Ammonia -Gas", Sen`i Gakkaishi, 60(1), 34-37, (2004)

2. T. Wakida, M. Lee, S. J. Park, and S. Ishida, "Shearing and Bending Properties of Silk Fabrics Treated with Ammonia Gas", Sen`i Gakkaishi, 59(7), 289-292 (2003)[SCIE].

3. N. Oshima, M. Lee, D. S. Jeong, A. Hayashi, T. Wakida, "Dyeing and Mechanical Properties of Cellulosic Fabrics Processed by High Pressure Steaming", SEN`I GAKKAISHI, 59(2), pp.58-62, (2003/2). [SCIE]

4. D. S. Jeong, M. Saito, T. Wakida, M. Lee, K. Nishi, "Dyeing of Polyester Fabrics with Vat Dyes by Dry Heat, Suoer Heat, and High Pressure Steam Processings", SEN`I GAKKAISHI, 59(2), pp.72-75, (2003/2). [SCIE]

5. B. K. Kim, J. S. Lee, M. C. Lee, and K. S. Yoon, "Polyurethane-Poly(methacrylate) Block Copolymer Dispersions Through Polyurethane Macroiniferters", J. Appl. Poly. Sci., 88, pp.1971-1975 (2003/2). [SCI]

6. Wakida, T., Kitamura, Y., Lee, M., Bae, S., Chen, M., Yoshioka, H., and Yanai, Y., "Effect of Hot Water Processing on Dyeing and Mechanical Properties of Cottons Treated with Liquid Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide," Textile Reseach Journal, Vol. 70, No. 9, pp. 769-774, 2000.

7. Wakida, T., Kida, K., Lee, M., Bae, S., Yoshioka, H., and Yanai, Y., "Dyeing and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fabrics Treated with Sodium Hydroxide/Liquid Ammonia and Liquid Ammonia/Sodium Hydroxide," Textile Reseach Journal, Vol. 70, No. 4, pp. 328-332, 2000.

8. Wakida, T., Moriya, T., Lee, M., Yoshioka, H., and Yanai, Y., "Effect of Liquid Ammonia, Sodium Hydroxide/Liquid Ammonia and Subsequent Cellulase Treatments on Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fabric," Textile Reseach Journal, Vol. 70, No. 2, pp. 161-165, 2000.

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 Professional Experiences 

Professor, Department of Textile Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1996-Present)

Visiting Professor, Division of Industrial Arts Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan (1990-1991)

Professor, Department of Clothing and Textiles, Kyungsung University, Korea (1982-1996)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Senior Member, The Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers

Member, The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan

President, Pusan-Kyungnam Branch, The Korean Clothing Society (1996-1997)

 Honors and Awards 

The Paper Prize, College of Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1999)

The Scholastic Prize, The Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers, Korea (1998)

 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with Professor T. Wakida of Gifu Women`s University, Japan

Research Project in Liquid Ammonia Treatment (1991-Present)