Cho, Kyeum Rae 사진
Cho, Kyeum Rae
Aerospace Engineering


Flight Dynamics and Control
 Research Interests

Dynamics/Space Dynamics

Flight Mechanics

Estimation/Orbit Determination


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A., 1986

 Selected Publications 
  1. Dae-Woo Lee, Kyeum-Rae Cho, "Performance Analyses of Re-entry Flight Control System Using a Monte-Carlo Simulation," Journal of the Korean society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Vol.30, No.7, 2002

2. Gui-Aee Woo, Jong-Kwon Kim, Kyeum-Rae Cho, Dae-Woo Lee, "A study on the dynamic characteristics of airship through the flight test," KASA International journal, Vol.5, No.1, pp.75-82, 2004

3. Dae-Woo Lee, Kyeum-Rae Cho, " Neighboring Optimal Control using Pseudospectral Legendre Method," Journal of the Korea Society of Precision Engineering, Vol.21, No.7, pp.76-82, 2004

4. Dae-Woo Lee, Kyeum-Rae Cho, "Re-entry Trajectory Tracking Via an Inverse Dynamics Methods," KSME International Journal, Vol.18, No.9, pp.1519-1528, 2004

5. Jong-Kwon Kim, Gui-Aee Woo, Kyeum-Rae Cho, Dae-Woo Lee, Chul-Soon Jang, "A Study On the Tracking Antenna System for a Moving Vehicle by the Embedded Linux," Journal of the Korea Navigation Institute, Vol.8, No.1, pp.49-56, 2004

6. Park, I. H., Lee, Y. J., Kim, N. M., and Cho, K. R., "A Study for Handovr Considering Path Loss and Doppler Effect in Satellite Mobile Communication Systems," Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Vol. 27, No. 7, 1999.

7. Cho, K. R., and Suh, D. H., "A Study of Attitude Determination Techniques for Satellite," Journal of Korea Navigation Institute, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1998.

8. Park, I. W., Cho, K. R., and Cho, S., "Moving Target Tracking Technique of MTI Radar Using Adaptive Kalman Filter," Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 2, 1998.

9. Ha, S. H., Yeom, M. O., Cho, K. R., and Lee, J. K., "A Study on the Position Control of Electro-Hydraulic Servo System Using PID Sliding Mode," Journal of the Japan Hydraulics and Pneumatics Society, Vol. 26, No. 7, 1995.

10. Cho, S., and Cho, K. R., "Adaptive Control of Highly Maneuverable High Performance Aircraft," Jouranl of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Vol. 22, No. 5, 1994.

 Professional Experiences 

Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1988-Present)

Dean, College of Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (2004-Present)

Visiting Professor, Howard University, U.S.A (2001-2001)

Vice Dean, Industrial Graduate School, Pusan National University, Korea (1997-1999)

Visiting Professor, School of Space Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (1995-1995)

Post-Dctral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, U,S,A (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) (1992-1993)
 Professional Societies & Activities 

 Honors and Awards 

Group Achievement Award for Magellan Mission Group, NASA, U.S.A. (1992)

Outstanding Paper Award of 1996 Year(Aerospace Engineering), Korea (1996)

The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, Korea (1997)
 International Joint Research & Activities