Choi, Young-Kiu 사진
Choi, Young-Kiu
School of Electrical Engineering


Control Engineering
 Research Interests

Intelligent Control and Robotics

Power Electronics


Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1987

 Selected Publications 
  1. Lee, M. J. and Choi, Y. K., "An adaptive neuro-controller using RBFN for robot manipulators," IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, Vol.51, No.3, pp.711-717, June 2004.

2. Kim, H. S., Park, J. H. and Choi, Y. K., "Design of fuzzy sliding mode controller and neural network interpolator for UFV depth control," Machine Intelligence and Robotic Control, Vol.4, No.1, pp.21-25, March 2002.

3. Choi, Y. K., Lee, M. J., Kim, S. S., and Kay, Y. C., "Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Neural-Network Compensator for Control Systems," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 48, No. 2, 2001.

4. Choi, Y. K., Park, J. H., Kim, H. S., and Kim, J. H., "Optimal Trajectory Planning and Sliding Mode Control for Robots Using Evolution Strategy," Journal of Robotica, Vol. 18, Part 4, pp. 423-428, 2000.

5. Lee, M. H., Hong, K. S., Choi, Y. K., Chung, S. H., Baek, K. R., Yoon, Y. J., and Huh, N., "Implementation of an Angle Measurement System for an Anti-Sway Crane System," Springer-Verlag, Recent Advances in Mechatronics (ICRAM `99), Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 361-371, 1999.
 Professional Experiences 

Visiting Professor, University of Southwestern Louisiana, U.S.A. (1998-1999)

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1997-Present)

Visiting Scholar, California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), U.S.A. (1990-1991)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

 Honors and Awards 

Academic award 2003, The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers
 International Joint Research & Activities