Kim, Jae Chang 사진
Kim, Jae Chang
School of Electrical Engineering


LCD Display
 Research Interests

Reflective/Transmissive LCD Display Mode

Design of Reflector for Transflective LCD

Crosstalk and Defect Problems in LCD


Ph.D., University of Alabama, U.S.A, 1981

 Selected Publications 
  1. Yoon, T. H., Lee, G. D., and Kim, J. C., "Nontwist Quarter-Wave Liquid-Crystal Cell for a High Contrast Reflective Display," Optics Letters, Vol. 25, No. 20, pp. 1547-1549, 2000.

2. Lee, G. D., Kim, G. H., Yoon, T. H., and Kim, J. C., "Configuration Optimization of a Reflective Bistable-Twisted-Nematic Cell for High-Contrast Operation," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 39, Part 1, No. 5A, pp. 2716-2720, 2000.

3. Lee, G. D., Kim, G. H., Moon, S. H., Noh, J. D., Kim, S. C., Park, W. S., Yoon, T. H., Kim, J. C., Hong, S. H., and Lee, S. H., "Reflective Liquid Crystal Display Using a Non-Twist Half-Wave Cell," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 39, Part 2, No. 3A/B, pp. L221-L224, 2000.

4. Lee, G. D., Park, K. H., Chang, K. C., Yoon, T.-H., Kim, J. C., and Lee, E. S., "Optimization of Panel Parameters and Drive Signals for High-Speed Matrix Addressing of a Bistable Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 38, 1999.

5. Kang, K. H., Moon, J. M., Yoon, T.-H., Kim, J. C., Lee, G. D., and Lee, E. S., "Analysis and Design of a Multi-Color STN-LCD on the Poincare Sphere," Journal of the Society for Information Display, Vol. 6, No. 4, 1998.

 Professional Experiences 

Advisory Professor, Division of Flat Panel Display, Samsung SDI, Korea (1995-Present)

Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1975-Present)

Design Engineer, Division of TV, LG Electronics, Korea (1969-1972)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Member, SID

Senior Member, Optical Society of Korea

Vice President, Optical Society of Korea (1999-2000)

 Honors and Awards 

Haedong Paper Prize, IEEK, Korea (1997)

Noolwon Scholastic Prize, Noolwon Foundation, Korea (2000)

 International Joint Research & Activities