Kang, Chung Yun 사진
Kang, Chung Yun
School of Materials Science and Engineering


Joining Science & Engineering, Physical Metallurgy
 Research Interests

Interfacial Bonding Process

Welding Metallurgy for Superalloy, Special Metal

Alloying Design for Welding and Bonding Materials


Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan, 1989
 Selected Publications 
  1. Park, T. W., and Kang, C. Y., "The Effects of PWHT on the Toughness of Weld HAZ in Cu Containing HSLA-100 Steel," ISIJ International, Vol. 40, Supplement, pp. 49-53, 2000.

2. Kim, S. H., Kang, C. Y., and Bang, K. S., "Microstructural Characterization of Electron Beam Weldeds in 9% Ni Steel," Microstructural Science, Vol. 26, ASM, pp. 455-460, 1998.

3. Kang, C. Y., North, T. H., and Perovic, D. D., "Microstructural Features of Friction Welded MA956 Superalloy Material," Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, Vol. 27A, pp. 4019-4029, 1996.

4. Kang C. Y., and Nakao, Y. K., "Newly Development in Transient Liquid Insert Metal Diffusion Bonding Using Alloying Powder," Quaterly Journal of Japan Welding Society, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 62-68, 1991.

5. Kang C. Y., and Nakao. Y., "Analysis of Isothemal Solidification Process in TLIM Diffusion Bonding Bonding," Quaterly Journal of Japan Welding Society, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 47-53, 1989.

 Professional Experiences 

Research Fellowship, Department of Production Engineering, Osaka University, Japan (1997)

Research Fellowship, Department of Metallurgy & Material Science, Toronto University, Canada (1992-1993)

Professor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea (1989-Present)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Senior Member, The Japan Welding Society, The Korean Welding Society

Editor-in-Vice Chief, The Korean Welding Society (1999-2000)

Technical Director, The Korean Welding Society, Japan (2001-Present)

 Honors and Awards 

Paper Prize, Japan Welding Society (1993)

Paper Prizer, Korean Welding Society (1996)

Paper Prize, The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Society (1997)

 International Joint Research & Activities 

Joint Research with Professor Nishimoto, Osaka University