Kim, Minhwan 사진
Kim, Minhwan
School of Computer Science and Engineering


Computer Vision
 Research Interests

Image Analysis and Understanding, Color Engineering, Pattern Recognition

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 1988
 Selected Publications 
  1. "Extracting Moving / Static Objects of Interest in Video," Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, LNCS 4261, 2006
2. "On Object Classification: Artificial vs. Natural," Image Analysis and Recognition, LNCS 3656, 2005
3. "Image Classification into Object / Non-object Classes," Image and Video Retrie-v-a-l, LNCS 3115, 2004
4. "Central Object Extraction for Object-Based Image Retrie-v-a-l," Image and Video Retrie-v-a-l, LNCS 2728, 2003
5. "A New Moire Smoothing Method for Color Inverse Halftoning," International Conf. on Image Processing, Rochester, U.S.A., 2002
 Professional Experiences 

Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Pusan National Univ., Korea (1986-Present)
Associate Vice Present for Planning, Pusan National Univ., Korea (2003-2004)
Head, Research Institute of Computer and Information Communication, Korea (1988-2000)
Visiting Researcher, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Washington, U.S.A. (1991-1992)

 Professional Societies & Activities 

Vice Present, Korea Multimedia Society, Korea (2004-Present)
General Editor, Editorial Committee of Journal of Korea Multimedia Society, Korea (1998-2003)
Member, Korea Information Science Society and IEEE

 Honors and Awards 

Best Paper Awards in 2001 and 2003, Korea Multimedia Society, Korea (2001, 2003)
Research Prize, Korea Institute of Electrical Engineers (1988)

 International Joint Research & Activities 

Korea-France Joint Research, "Simplification and Analysis of Bathymetric Information," Minhwan Kim (Pusan National Univ.) and C. Claramunt (France Ecole Navale), (2002)